PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world

At Perpetual's state-of-the-art facility, we create clean PET flakes from

the plastic beverage bottles and food containers discarded by consumers.
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Virtually the same characteristics as virgin PET. Decontaminated for inclusion in a process among several manufacturers that allows for re-use in contact with food. Perpetual’s RPET is an inert plastic. It does not affect the quality or taste of anything it touches. That’s why it’s in such high demand for food and beverage packaging – such as bottles, deli containers, trays, and clamshell packs. Or even plastic eating utensils.



Excels in all methods of plastics manufacturing. Transforms into an endless list of non-food-related products. Within the industry, about 10% goes into such items as car parts, chairs, or even recycle bins. 30% becomes containers for cosmetics, cleaners, and other household goods. And 60% is extruded into fibers for everything from business suits, sports apparel and long underwear to carpeting, T-shirts, luggage, and caps. The NFL now puts it in their uniforms!



In the industry, they’re called “Polyolefins”. You know them as “Bottle Caps”. At one time, bottle caps were unacceptable for recycling. Now, at Perpetual, they are automatically separated, sorted, and processed for valuable re-use.


They’re granulated into mixed-color Industrial-Grade Flake for such heavy-duty items as plastic wood, agricultural pipes, and flower pots. It finds its way into paint buckets, shingles, doormats, cutting boards, even police jackets. “Polyolefins” are everywhere!


... until our customers are! That is why every Perpetual flake order undergoes extensive end-product qualitative testing and analysis before leaving our plant, including metal, moisture, bulk density, and IV (intrinsic viscosity), to name a few. With our cutting-edge technology, our flake can be certifiably decontaminated to customer specifications.

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