PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world

At Perpetual's state-of-the-art facility, we create clean PET flakes from

the plastic beverage bottles and food containers discarded by consumers.
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more sustainable world.



Sorema processors, TITECH sorters - only today's most advanced high-tech equipment is used throughout the 20-step process.


It's a fact! We were the first RPET recycling plant in North America utilizing TITECH's heralded near-infrared automated flake sorters.


It's a fact! Each year, we will be saving up to 456,000 cubic yards of landfill space. That's the equivalent space of 610 average-size homes.



All-new state-of-the-art processing operation from start to finish.


It's a fact! We will use 84% less energy to produce a pound of Perpetual RPET flake than it takes to produce a pound of virgin RPET flake.


It's a fact! 2.8 trillion fewer BTU's of energy will be used. That's comparable to the annual energy usage of 29,000 households.


Strategically located in America's heartland. Quality Richmond manpower to help build it, run it, and assure client satisfaction.


It's a fact! Each year, we will be saving 467,000 barrels of oil, which could produce 9,100,000 gallons of gasoline - the annual consumption of about 19,000 cars.


It's a fact! The equivalent of 100,000 metric tons of CO2 will be saved yearly.That's like removing 17,600 cars from the road.

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